Red Mouse Pictures

Red Mouse Pictures

Red Mouse Pictures is an independent production company based in Los Angeles.



A music video created for Mrs. Evans' seventh grade class at Park Middle School. Track created by Noah Hunt and recorded at Endeavor Studios, LA. 

Shelbi + Behind the Scenes

Shelbi Lynn behind the scenes at swing house studio.


Rob THomas Hologram 

Multiple GRAMMY Award Winning Artist Rob Thomas teams up with VNTANA to create the first hologram Karaoke experience.

Benny Salz + Artist Spotlight

Red Mouse interviews Benny Salz of Above Zero.


A glimpse into the working lives of four artists living in Los Angeles. (Official selection - New Filmmakers Los Angeles On Location 2016) 

Dalton Day + Night Train

A live music video. Dalton Day and friends perform a cover of 'Night Train'.