Red Mouse Pictures

Red Mouse Pictures

Red Mouse Pictures is an independent production company based in Los Angeles.

Maddie McGuire & Corrin Evans


"I quickly fell in love with creating content when I realized that failing doesn't exist. There's only pouring your heart out, working your ass off and repeating the process. Creating is not only my truest form of freedom, but also the greatest challenge I indulge in."


"Storytelling is important to me. It has helped me grow and process emotions and regular life shit. As I spend time with characters, I spend time with myself and I find that behavior I may have previously judged in myself or another becomes normalized and just plain human." 


Red Mouse Pictures was created to give artists the opportunity to create content that’s original, affordable, and kickass. Corrin and Maddie have worked with a wide variety of artists and professionals in the Los Angeles area.

Red Mouse specializes in original reel content for actors. Both hailing from an acting background, Corrin and Maddie have worked closely with numerous agents, managers, and casting directors learning how to develop reel content that is unique, professional, and is specific to each client. Original reel scenes are created to emulate the works of current films and television shows with a focus on actors' individual marketing needs.   

Corrin Evans and Maddie McGuire met half a decade ago. After discussing ideas in a sketchy Russian restaurant they naturally decided to write a comedy pilot together. They became writing partners, co-writing many features, pilots, shorts and webseries. They quickly discovered that cameras were really rad and started filming their own content. Their docu-short “LArtists” was an official selection of the Newfilmmakers: On Location Festival and their short film "Cousins" was nominated for 'Best Short Film' at the Austin Revolution Film Festival.